Innovate for Growth

Who are the directors?

The Directors of Innovate for Growth present unique professional and social qualifications, skills, knowledge and expertise that spans an educational and academic continuum from pre-school to life-long learning.  They recognise and appreciate the benefits of the community learning, collaborating and working together.  They believe that by providing opportunities that enable them to recognise and be accredited for their local knowledge and expertise, collective achievement and elevation is possible.

Our drivers

Meeting collective needs – Disengaged, Disadvantaged, Disillusioned

Life in the 21st century, particularly today, there are so many challenges that face us as society.  Communities feel disaffected and excluded from having a ‘say’ or contribution to their lot; due to social disadvantage.  Innovate for Growth is turning disengagement into positive connections by getting contributions from members of the community to share their knowledge, skills, aspirations and voice.  We are doing this through identifying and engaging community members and delivering training packages that accredit them as Community Champions.  They in turn will uplift the community, as leaders. 

Disadvantage into opportunity because Innovation for Growth will engage with partners whether they be education providers, employers, trainers, community self-help and self-employment and promote real opportunities to aid elevation.

The media and statistics that determine the lot of people based upon their demographic, housing situation, education attainment, family circumstances or even criminogenic experiences.  Innovate for Growth creates hope, by supporting communities to change the narrative and story about their lot and turning the obstacles of circumstances into stepping stones of attainment.