Innovate for Growth

Innovate for Growth CIC is committed to supporting the rehabilitation of people leaving prison.  We believe training, housing and employment,  are the keys to future success and community stability.

Innovate for Growth – Growing people

Innovate for Growth has a long-standing relationship with individuals who have had involvement with the Criminal Justice System.  We recognise that the journey of life can take unfortunate twists and turns causing some to make decisions that halt their progression.  

In order to grow, a seed is sown in a dark place, however, with the correct environment, growth takes place and green shoots of life can be seen.  The nutrients that IFG provide give hope and opportunity to those individuals impacted and affected by criminal interactions.

We know that a sense of belonging – family or significant others, a home, finance through employment and a range of support services and training helps to prevent recidivism.



In collaboration with our partners, IFG will help to provide bespoke training to meet the needs of those transitioning from custody.  This may take the form of personal development and life skills such as financial literacy, decision making, family relationships etc., or access to professional learning that support their access to employment.  Each IFG user will utilise an IFG Personal Plan that takes into consideration and aims to provide for their specific needs.

Home is where the heart is.

According to Ministry of Justice figures more than 1,000 prisoners were released into homelessness at the height of the coronavirus pandemic in England and Wales.

Accommodation is vital for people transitioning from custody, this is why IFG and its partners provide access to a place that individuals can call home.  We recognise the difficulties that are experienced when individuals, particularly those who wish to reset and restart their lives in a new area away from previous concerns.  We support access to solutions to support these important transitions.


Employment post-Covid is a challenge for many, however, our partners have access to job opportunities at all levels to enable individuals to get onto or progress on the employment ladder. This coupled with ongoing supervision and support as required is achievable. 

A large high street  supermarket chain has employed up to 800 ex offenders  working with one of our employment placement partner.