Innovate for Growth

Change is coming! A framework to support organisations to better use innovation to eliminate discrimination. 

Supporting leaders to build equity and inclusivity within their organisations

The Innovationally  Black Aware, IBA, is an all sector framework which will support organisations and institutions to recognise the innovation, expertise and leadership of its black staff, clients and customers.  The framework is designed to grow with the organisation allowing each to have ownership of its development and behavioural change whilst working with the programme. The IBA places an ethical duty on all organisations to invest and grow to eradicate such institutional discourse which continues to systemically restrict the growth and opportunities of women and  Black people.

The IBA recognises the journey for many has been bleak, but however we must not dismiss the moving glass ceiling which has been created as an aspiration for women and  black people to penetrate. Despite the hard efforts of many, boardrooms, interview panels, cooperate corporate policies and institutionalised discrimination, has resulted in only a small number being able to reach their true potential and worth. The IBA recognises where organisations have an awareness of the needs of their diverse staff, but there is still more to be done if organisations are to bring down barriers which continue to inhibit black growth. 


 The Foundation

The Innovationally  Black Aware Foundation will work to ensure young people who desire to embark on a  higher education journey,  will not be hindered by economic  inequalities.

No young person should have their dreams dashed because of a lack of wealth.  

The IBA Foundation will work to not allow the fear of debt  to act as a deterrent on disadvantaged students accessing university and reaching their full academic success. 

The diverse youth of today are tomorrow’s future. 

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