Innovate for Growth

Cultivate, innovate and grow

There are no great limits to growth because  there are no limits to human intelligence, imagination and wonder

Ronald Reagan

Innovate for Growth creating opportunities for I C E

Identifying services and individuals that are currently operating in the space of interest that relates to collective elevation

Finding community leaders and individuals of note who by virtue of the area that they live or work, they have an understanding of the needs and what might be required to influence attainment.

Identify individuals to complete accredited Community Champion Programmes that promote and support local needs identified through conversations and forums that enable ordinary people to share extraordinary ideas and aspirations

Identify and signpost to local initiatives – extra-curricular activities, education and sports programmes, practical parenting and demystifying  jargon through education advocacy

Identify funding opportunities that provide collective access and sharing of resources that enable even elevation across ability, skills, social and economic backgrounds

Creating opportunities, based upon identified community aspiration to enable their fulfilment. Innovate for growth will help to provide the correct environment to achieve growth.

Creating innovation within the community based upon identified areas for development, such as improved attitudes to education, will be actualised through collaboration with teacher training providers. 

Creating community knowledge so that teachers understand the community, and the community understands itself, its challenges and opportunities will aid empowerment, thus elevating all across ability, social and economic backgrounds

Enabling local communities through recognising their uniqueness, difference and abilities, Innovate for Growth will help to package knowledge and represent it in a professional manner, used to create collective empowerment.

Enabling local community members to share their voice through platforms and opportunities to speak with the local authority, local business and each other.

Leadership training and support is one of the key characteristics of enabling a community to elevate.  Innovate for Growth engages with local partners to empower leaders with skills and tools to bring lasting change to their communities.