Innovate for Growth

Network of Volunteer Tutors

Calling all private tutors.

Are you willing to volunteer 24 hours a year in private tuition for children who would never have the opportunity to have private tuition without your help?

Innovate for Growth CIC are  launching a Network of Volunteer Tutors to build a workforce of teachers who want to continue to make a difference for their community.

Please sign up and be part of the social movement to change the lives of our most needy children and young people. 

Do children need a private tutor? 

Any additional support a child can receive will ultimately make a difference to their ability to better navigate the curriculum.  School teachers work tirelessly to ensure every child makes progress and enjoys learning.  

Good tutors work with the child’s school curriculum and offers 1:1 teaching or support to build the child’s confidence as a learner.

Some children may access the curriculum at a different pace to their peers. A good tutor will work at the pace that is right for the learner, ensuring misconceptions or gaps in conceptual understanding are addressed.  A personal tutor can teach the lesson a little slower while encouraging the learner to ask as many questions as they need to without feeling pressured by their peers. 

Now more than anytime in history, our children need the support and help to close the gaps formed as a result of school closures due to COVID.  Many parents of children with the greatest needs cannot afford to purchase private tuition for their child. These children are being left behind because of socio-economic challenges.  IFG are asking for practising private tutors to donate two hours a month of free tuition for families who cannot fund it themselves. 

Thank you IFG