Innovate for Growth

Some of Our Projects

The Comply and Complain Programme

The Comply and complain programme is a community resource with many benefits. The programme will be structured around four training and development courses directed at educational professionals, community members, police officers and young people.

Working with police staff, the intention of Innovate for Growth (IFG) is to heal the tensions growing around the current stop and search strategy.  We recognise a contributing factor to negative interactions with police and the disproportionate outcomes which develop as a result,  is often due to communication and compliance.  The mode of communication breaks down at the outset, and compliance is then compromised.

Comply and Complain will change how the police and the public view stop and search. Through an education and training suite consisting of four accredited courses, we aim to build a team of professionals to secure positive social impact for all our communities.

The Courses

  1. Comply and Complain Facilitators Programme
  2. Comply and Complain Advocacy Programme
  3. Comply and Complain Trauma Support Programme
  4. Community understanding Programme (Police Staff)

Violent Crime Prevention Board (VCPB)

We currently have an application with the National Lottery seeking funding to launch 18 Violent Crime Prevention Boards across the United Kingdom.  

A Violent Crime Prevention Board (VCPB) is an independent body that seeks to offer intelligence-led, strategic advice and information. The purpose of which is to assist the community, local authorities, the police, statutory and government agencies to help prevent violent crime – in particular, among young people.

Violent Crime Prevention (VCP) aims to build and promote character, leadership, conflict resolution, and resilience in the community, connecting with leaders, faith-groups, police, and key service providers; this is exemplified in our motto ‘Vision to Champion Progress’. It is this approach of empowering individuals and communities,’ lighting a candle rather than cursing the darkness’ and facilitating solutions that make VCP a relevant important voice in modern crime prevention. 


The building blocks for our future

Violent Crime Prevention Boards are the building blocks to community change, with each block having its part to play. Individually they have little strength, foundation, or the scaffold for change. But together cemented with a passion to succeed, they can transform lives, communities while building strong relationships for a better future.